Toronto Line Stop Service

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What is Line Stopping?

Line Stopping with WellFab is a safe & fast method of making reparations and alterations on piping works without stopping the flow in the system by using flow stopping and contemporary by-pass technology.

Line stopping is most commonly used for:

  • Changing faulty valves and other pipeline components
  • Installing valves and other components to existing systems
  • Repairing of damaged parts of the network
  • Rebuilding old lines
  • Ottawa 6" and 8" Line Stop on District Heating
  • Toronto 12" Line Stop on heating system at the Eaton centre
  • Ottawa 6" and 8" Line Stop on District Heating
  • Hamilton 8" Line Stop on District Cooling Line. Installing a new shut off valve without shut down

How Line Stopping Works

Step 1:
The Line Stop fitting is installed and tested, the temporary valve is installed, and the hot tap is completed.

Step 2:
After the hot tap, we install the line stop actuator and insert the Line stopping head into the line.

Step 3:
When the necessary work has been accomplished, the Line stop head is removed, and the completion plug is set.